Uncommon suggestions for Gamer gifts.

If your a non-Gamer shopping for a Gamer you might often feel like your trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. Depending on your type of Gamer what they are into game wise can vary widely. Whether they are analog or digital gamers, social or solo players, or just determining what they prefer to play on may make you dizzy. So we’re going to talk about things you might be able to do to make purchasing gifts for your Gamer friends and family a bit easier.

This may sound counter productive for such an article but a good place to start is thinking about a gift that isn’t even a game. Trying to figure out what video or board game title a particular Gamer might be interested in or doesn’t already own is a good way to end up in the loony bin. Many Gamers covet things associated with their favorite games like collectibles, art, or even one of kind creations. You might know of a game series that your Gamer is into with this information a trip over to Etsy can turn up some very unique and creative pieces. For example I’m am a pretty big Mass Effect fan and a quick Etsy search turns up this lovely panoramic print of the Normandy. If your Gamer is a fan there is someone on Etsy making unique and crafty products for their fandom. Try to think along the lines of something that might be practical or even formal, you could also plug in the game’s name and merely browse the options til something pops up that fits the bill. This works for Analog Gamers too just by searching their favorite game name you might turn up fan made products that help with the hauling or storing of the game or miniatures or pieces add more detail.

With merely the title of a game or interest you can locate several unique items that they may not consider themselves. However if you want to play it safe you can’t go wrong with a gift card for their preferred game source of choice. Whether this is from a local game shop/hall for your Analog Gamers or store bought cards for currency for your Digital Gamers this will let them pick out their own favorites or test new ones. Never a bad option when in complete doubt.

Then there is the abandonment of any gaming oriented purchase altogether because lets face it sometimes Gamers should take a break. So maybe you present them a gift that shares one of your own interests. Perhaps a copy of a book you would recommend they read or a book they might enjoy if you know their preferred genre. You could also opt for taking them out for an experience like an escape room, a real exotic car ride, or a VR experience.

I hope this helps you think about gifts for the Gamer in your life and remember that gift giving is about the thoughtfulness of the gift. In trying to give your Gamer something outside of just another game you’ll most likely win the “rad-est” gift award!

So we’d like to know . . .

What gift have you received that was game related but actually a game?

What is the most unexpected gift you have ever received?

What would you buy the Non-Gamer in your life?

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