Welcome to Grown-Up Gamers. A site dedicated to adult gamers and their unique perspective of the world of gaming.

I have been gaming since the first NES controller touched my hand in 1987 but I was at a table playing card games with family before that. Then I was an avid table top gamer during middle and high school, only to blossom late into D&D, then joining the PC master race in college, before returning to consoles. Needless to say I have been an involved if not avid gamer of all genres as most are. Now as an adult I often find it hard to admit that I’m a gamer to peers that are not gamers themselves while being unable to join in the same level of connection with younger peers who are.

It is tough being a grownup gamer, which is what I hope to share and explore here on this site.

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About the Author: Buruko

A gamer & father of two who strangely still tries to cram gaming into his busy schedule.